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D5318 battery Works for Dell Inspiron 6000

Dell 11.10V 4400mAh D5318 Laptop Battery

Dell 11.10V 4400mAh D5318 Laptop Battery

This is a great replacement battery for the Dell Inspiron 6000, Inspiron 9200, Inspiron 9300, Inspiron 9400, Inspiron E1705 and Inspiron XPS Gen 2. Half the capacity for 10% of the cost. As yet, lifetime is unknown. I purchased this $70 battery to replace the $130 battery I bought a year ago to replace the original Dell battery. The original started at 2.5 hours capacity and lasted 3 years. The $130 replacement started at 2 hours capacity and failed in one year. This one has only a little more than 2 hour capacity -- but even if it only lasts 6 months, I'm way ahead on cost/benefit compared with the 1-year D5318 battery for $130 or the 3-year Dell battery for $155. I deducted one star for the low capacity / short run time.

Dell 11.10V 6600mAh YF976, Y4873 Battery

Dell 11.10V 6600mAh YF976, Y4873 Battery

When I first installed it, the battery meter showed it had arrived at 24% charged. Several hours charging (with the computer on) produced 52% charge, but no higher after 16 hours. When I disconnected the AC, the battery meter showed 2.13 hours run time for the 52% charge level. After several discharge/charge cycles, it showed 100% when fully charged, but still just over 1 hour run time. Since the run time is about the same for the initial 52% and the eventual 100%, I conclude that the Dell battery meter has adjusted to the battery capacity, and that the actual battery capacity is proportionally lower than my previous battery. But that's okay, since I mainly work on AC, and only need battery power for short periods. One great advantage of a functioning battery is that it enables me to do an orderly shutdown when we get the occasional blackout...

Ordered this battery from to replace original battery that shipped with laptop. My original battery was completely shot! I read many reviews on this battery and decided to go with this one instead of the Dell version that runs $155. I figured this would be a much better deal and for the price you really can't go wrong. The battery has a 2 hour D5318 battery life which is more than enough for me. After owning it for a few days I am completely satisfied.

It's really a nice replacement battery.

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6600 mAh:



PU563 Battery Works Great on My XPS M1330

Bought as a replacement for my 2 year old Dell XPS M1330 after the 6-cell Dell battery died (would not hold a charge). Dell's replacement battery price seemed overly expensive. This new PU563 battery works fine, but it does add about 1/2" height to the laptop - not as easy to store in my laptop bag, but when I have the laptop sitting on my legs, the extra 1/2" at the back raises the bottom off my legs and reduces the heat-transfer, which makes it more comfortable to use.

Dell 11.10V 6600mAh 312-0566, 312-0567 Laptop Battery

Dell 11.10V 6600mAh PU563 Laptop Battery

I purchased this PU563 Laptop Battery four months ago when my original battery (9 cell) was down to 1 hour at 100% charge. I called Dell and they wanted $165 for an oem battery. I told the sales rep I would get my battery elsewhere. He asked what I meant by "elsewhere". I told him I would buy from another online store. He told me it wouldn't be the same quality. I told him I could buy four "inferior" quality batteries to his one, and I would take my chances. He then proceeded to argue with my over my bad choice. I thanked him for his advice, and bought this battery. It was only after my discussion with Dell that I discovered that the $165 battery was the 6-cell (the 9 cell was $185). As I said, I have had this 9 cell for over four months, 4+ hours of battery life on a full charge with no problems, and I am about to buy another one just to have around (at less than $60, you can't go wrong!). As for those who received bad batteries, it happens! There's a one-year warranty for crying out loud. Get a free replacement and quit whining!

I'm very happy with this battery. I can use my XPS M1330 longer than ever so now I always carry my XPS anywhere without the charger. One charge can last the normal usage up to 4 to 5 hours!! The battery lift up the rear end of the laptop about 2cm, which help better ventilation. I recommend this to you!!

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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Details Revealed

Kate Middleton will arrive by car and leave in a carriage when she ties the knot with Prince William at Westminster Abbey on April 29. Key details about the upcoming nuptials emerged Wednesday; Charles' representative broke weeks of silence with a statement announcing Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams will marry the couple in an 11 AM ceremony.
Engagement Ring
The wedding of William and Middleton, his girlfriend for nearly eight years, is expected to draw a gigantic global audience via television and the Internet. According to PopEater's Rob Shuter, this will be the most expensive celebrity wedding of all time and likely cost the British taxpayers more than $20 million dollars.

Britons and visitors can try to catch a glimpse of the couple as they glide by in a horse-drawn carriage, when it travels through Parliament Square, Whitehall, Horse Guards Parade and the Mall, or they can gather near Buckingham Palace, where William and his bride are expected to emerge into public view briefly on the balcony.

High Quality Tradition Jewelry Tungsten Ring

High Quality Tradition Jewelry Tungsten Ring

This is the same balcony where William's parents, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, kissed after their 1981 wedding, and where wartime leader Winston Churchill joined the royal family to wave to the public in triumph at the end of World War II.

Queen Elizabeth II, William's grandmother, will host a reception at Buckingham Palace after the wedding ceremony. The reception guest list has not been released, but palace officials said it will be drawn from members of the wedding congregation, who come from the couple's official and private lives.

The night of the wedding, Prince Charles will host a dinner and dance at Buckingham Palace for family members and close friends of the newlyweds.

According to PopEater's Rob Shuter, William's little brother Harry is planning the bachelor party. Meanwhile, the night before the wedding, Middleton will stay overnight in central London at one of the palaces, a source tells PEOPLE.

The wedding update cleared up many important questions about the schedule but leaves many more issues open to speculation, including which designer will be asked to make Middleton's wedding gown and which celebrities will be on the guest list.

The official wedding guest list is also closely guarded information, with palace officials emphasizing that the wedding is not a state affair that will be driven by protocol concerns. No information has yet been released about couple's honeymoon plans.

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Best HP 367759-001 Battery,Best bang for the buck

After experiencing very short life with the original 6-cell battery in my HP Pavilion laptop (after about 2 years), I decided to try the 12-cell version. I don't carry the laptop around on a daily basis so weight was not a major issue for me. The new 12-cell 367759-001 battery is giving me about 3 hours of service, a big improvement over the 6-cell battery.

HP 367759-001 Battery

HP 367759-001 Battery

Compared to the prices asked by the original manufacturer and/or other retail battery shops, this 367759-001 battery offers the best bang for the buck. Actually 1/3 the price offered by HP, this laptop battery gives me nearly 4 hours of continuous usage compared to (MUCH) less than 1 hour with the original battery. I have only been using it for 2 weeks so can't comment on the longevity of the battery but I can say that so far, I am extremely pleased. Highly recommend the seller (WORLD-ESHOP.COM) and their speedy service.

First off, the item got to my house super quick. My original v2000 battery wouldn't hold a charge for more than a half an hour tops. I popped this one in and let it get fully charged. The 367760-001 battery usage time went to 3 1/2 hours. You can't beat that for this price. HP wanted 90 bucks for the same battery. Glad I got it here! Read all of the reviews from other people too. If you need it buy it, this is a really great price for this item.

My previous battery won't charge to it's full capacity, and can't hold any power anymore. This item is a good buy to replace compaq V2000. BEWARE. it sticks out on the bottom... just think of it as a liftup helping your laptop vent hot air.

for more info about HP 367759-001 Battery:


Yes, Not Apple. No, Doesn’t Suck.

I knew that some people said the repalcement battery MA561LL/A is not good because the color of the replacement battery didn't "match" the white color of their two-year-old notebooks. Come on, everybody, my MacBook 13" A1181 is as yellow as my teeth after being subjected to two years of coffee spills and tobacco smog. What do you expect? Should the vendor of this fine battery include a packet of OxiClean to match their factory-shelved product to the second-hand laptop you bought from "macusrman" on eBay for $528.50?

MA561LL/A battery

APPLE 10.80V 5400mAh A1185, MA561 Laptop Battery

Oh yeah, and this MA561LL/A battery "doesn't fit." I've got news for you: neither do your pants. Eat less and exercise more. Give me a break, people. You subtracted years from my life by making me stressed out about whether or not this battery would fit in the underside of my computer. It turns out, actually, that the MA561LL/A battery doesn't fit perfectly. The inside edge of the battery sits about .4 millimeters lower than the outside edge. Very distracting.

Listen, I own three Apple computers and two iPhones. My new Mac Mini is connected to my HDTV, and I have an iTunes account. I love the reliability of Apple products, and I was very afraid to buy any battery that was not made by Apple. I have had trouble using non-Apple memory in my computers, so I understand that people have justifiable reasons for second-guessing the wisdom of this kind of purchase.

However, after dropping the $83.98 for this apple battery (vs. the $129.00 that Apple charges), I can safely report that this battery fits perfectly, charges correctly, and appears to function appropriately with the battery management software on Snow Leopard 10.6.5. And if it doesn't last two years, then maybe I'll just buy two more. After all, three of these batteries cost less than one from Apple (do the math).

I fully expected this battery to be noticeably inferior to an Apple product. However, I was wrong. I doubt an Apple battery would have performed better or fit more snugly.

One caveat, though: When I first inserted the battery, it appeared that my computer had not recognized the new battery and was unable to charge it. You should reset the SMC by following Apple's instructions ([...]). Also, after my computer was restarted with the new battery in place, it took a few minutes before the system to recognize and begin tracking the MA561LL/A battery consumption. Reset the SMC, restart your computer, then give your notebook a few minutes to recognize the new battery.

Then chill out, pour yourself a mug of Joe, and light a cigarette.

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HP 484170-001 battery, Better than what I had expected

With this being my second laptop to date, I know that the  484170-001 battery shipped with the unit is usually not enough. Although I had been getting about two hours on average with the battery that shipped with my HP Pavilion, I needed something more for those times when I expected to use the computer without access to an available AC outlet for more than two hours. This HP 484170-001 battery  is far superior to anything else that I compared on the internet, and where I live the Computer Stores don't even carry extended life batteries for the laptops that they sell.

HP 484170-001 battery

HP 10.80V 9600mAh 484170-001 battery

This 484170-001 battery has some of the extras not seen on off market batteries with lower price tags, and from with shipping was lower than some of the off market batteries that I compared it to. Although an extended battery is going to be larger that the original 484170-001 battery shipped with the computer (A little more than double the size), and obviously weighs more too, It is well worth having around because I am getting just under six hours on average with this unit.

This unit has two features that drew me to purchase it in the end - two features that I haven't come across before in an extended battery.

1.- On the side of this unit there is a battery check feature that utilizes a push button and four LED's in a circle to gauge the amount of power you have. For every one LED lit, you have twenty-five percent battery life left.

2.- On the top of the unit there is a port that accommodates Any standard HP branded, or HP brand compatible off market AC Charger. Therefore you have the option to charge your shipped OEM battery in your laptop while you charge the HP Extended battery without even being in the computer! An excellent idea for those that need to charge more than one battery at a time.

The height differential is nominal at best. Raises the back of the computer about 3/4 of an inch. Although I don't care about the difference in height for typing comfort even though an angle is recommended for typing comfort, The height differential is acceptable for increased airflow beneath the computer. My computer fans seem to be running less.

Now for the cons (there aren't many, and just something that is confusing) - On as well as HP's, this 484170-001 battery says that it is compatible with the following notebook Series: HP Pavilion: dv4, dv5, HP HDX: HDX 16 HP: G50, G60, G70 Compaq Presario: CQ40, CQ45, CQ50, CQ60 and CQ70. On HP's website that includes the dv6 model which I have. On the box when you receive it, it omits the dv6 compatibility even though it is compatible. Don't be confused.

In conclusion this HP battery is well worth the price through It is a lot cheaper than if you would buy it from HP Direct, and with the features that it includes is far superior to an off market external battery. I would recommend this to another HP laptop user, and even if all you are concerned about is having a battery for extra PC time, this battery is worth the price for the extra features that you have access to.

For more info:


KS524AA battery-A Great replacement battery

I was reluctant at first to buy this KS524AA battery because my wift thought it was too heavy, and it lifted the computer up too high in the back. I have found after using this battery for a week that it has worked extremely well. The HP compaq KS524AA battery lasts at least four hours using this to surf the web or watch movies. I normally carry my computer in a pack with the original battery and the 12 cell, and I don't think it is too heavy. The battery sticks out under the bottom lifting the computer up. The tilt of the keyboard gives me more air space under the computer, and I like it for typing. I charge it up and run it out. The computer's battery charge indicator works just fine, and I have had no problems with it shutting off early.

HP compaq KS524AA battery

HP compaq 10.80V 4800mAh KS524AA battery

I like this KS524AA battery, i have an hp dv5 and my previous battery (that Bestbuy's warranty center said was running at its regular charge/discharge times) would die after an hour of streaming movies online (in balanced power mode) this KS524AA battery under the same setting (first time charge) lasted about 3 hours, I'm currently running off its second charge and it seems to be running longer than that as the battery is calibrated. HP's battery check came back all clear no bad cells or any other problems. ALSO i failed to see this in the features area but this battery DOES have the charge status indicator (that looks similar to Xbox 360'c circle of lights but white lights, not green) and external charging port.
so far I'd say this was a great buy. oh and for the size, it makes my model laptop stand up about and inch in the back so its angled but i have no problem with that. and some review(s) stated that upon jiggling this KS524AA battery their computer would loose power/restart, I have tried to make this problem reoccur on my laptop (again, dv5t model) and failed to do so, even went as far as to pick it up and shake it a little, all good there (not too hard though, its a laptop not a dog toy.)

This battery fit my DV5 just great! It is a 12-cell battery, so it extends past the laptop bottom, creating an incline. I actually like the incline although most people,The incline makes it easier to type and creates ventilation under the laptop. I don't know about the other customers, but it fits perfectly with my DV4.

My original battery needed to be replaced because it was misused by my various family members. It ran out of power unplugged in 5 minutes! I definitely love that this battery lasts more than 4 hours on a full battery.

All in all, I absolutely recommend this KS524AA battery.

From more info:


My HP DV6500 laptop is portable again

I have an HP Pavilion DV6500 series laptop, and my original battery started to malfunction. Thanks for this HP DV6500 Series Battery(441425-001).

HP COMPAQ 441425-001 battery

HP COMPAQ 10.80V 4400mAh HSTNN-LB31, EX941AA Laptop Battery

I liked the idea of getting a "higher" capacity battery now that I needed to buy one anyways.

Well, first thing that I notice (as some of the others) is that the HP COMPAQ battery is, in fact, double the size of a normal battery. For anyone who doesn't know this, this is normal, this is the way is suppose to be, double the cells, double the size. I like the design because the laptop now stands an inch from the ground and the air flows in such a way that I even feel it doesn't heat the same way as before.

Anyways, as for performance, I've been timing this thing and it's going on its second hour (on High Performance mode) when, before, it only lasted between 40 minutes to an hour (tops).

I've been seeing TV on it and installing software and its still going strong.

I'll update this if anything noteworthy comes up.

Overall, very happy with purchase from

The 441425-001 battery arrived properly packaged in anti-static material, then in a sturdy box. I looked up recommendations online as to how to break in a new battery, and found that many recommended a few full charging and discharging cycles. I saw power retention rise from an initial 2 hours, to about 5 hours currently. My HP DV6000 series laptop easily recognized the 441425-001 laptop battery, and the fit with the mounting is excellent. I have no issues with the added weight since I do understand that high-capacity means essentially fusing together two regular batteries in order to achieve the extended power delivery. Overall, an excellent value, so far. I'm hoping that this unit will outlast my original battery as well.

I was quite surprised to see that the 441425-001 battery was actually 2 batteries build together. The second battery protrudes outside of the regular battery case and provides you with an instant title to your computer like with ergonomics. The best thing about it is that it feels pretty good when you are typing on a hard surface.

The performance is really good. I find that it lasts about 5-6 hours going on and off from work. I needed this time of time table because I am a busy person and I can't be plugging in all the time. I thought that the weird shape of the battery would be a downplay, but the battery life of the 2 batteries is so good, I could care less. Overall, I really like my new 441425-001 battery and will use it till it goes out again. Hopefully, that will happen when I actually need a faster computer.

For more info:


Excellent 417066-001 battery with excellent quality

When the 417066-001 battery in my HP dv6000 laptop started acting up, I checked out my options for a replacement. There are hundreds of different batteries to choose from! Which one do you get! The prices ranged from $20 to $200! After much research, I am totally confident I purchased the best 417066-001 battery I could get for my notebook and at quite possibly the best price it is offered. Don't be taken in by anything cheaper, check the reviews. This 417066-001 battery is almost completely identical to the one HP gives with the notebook itself. It fits perfectly, and even out-performs my original HP battery! I can go about 6 hours plus of constant work on this notebook without a charge now! Definitely the one to buy. You won't be disappointed.

HP 417066-001 battery

HP COMPAQ 10.80V 8800mAh 411462-421, 411463-251 Laptop Battery

To start off, this 417066-001 laptop battery fits perfectly in my friend HP Pavillion dv6830us 15.4" Widescreen laptop. His original battery (6 cell) was about 85% dead which lasted about 30 mins on power savor. With this new 12 cell battery, the battery lasted for at least 7 hours.

His laptop specs are:
Intel Core 2 Duo T5550 @ 1.83GHz (uses 35 watts,
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit,
3 gig ram,
250 gig 5400 RPM hard drive,
Intel X3100 intergrated graphics.

His Advance settings in the power options for "power savor" under the Processor Power Management tab is 1% for Min. Processor State on 417066-001 battery and 5% for Max. Processor State on battery. This is how he can get more in the battery. Overall this battery is great and long lasting.

If you look at your origninal battery that came with your laptop, you should see two model names next to in white "FOR USE WITH HP SERIES" then for example "HSTNN-W20C, HSTNN-Q21C"(This is what it says on mines. Yours will be the same or different.) Well I searched for "HSTNN-Q21C", and I came across this battery. I decided to give it a go, so I bought it. It worked perfectly fine even though only one model name, "HSTNN-Q21C" matched the product title. It's well packaged in a static bag inside a cardboard box. It comes with a Warranty Card, Insurance Card, Instruction Manual, and Battery FAQ. Overall, this is a great buy, and I would recommend you to get this 417066-001 battery if it matches your battery model.

For more info:


Great Replacement TD347 battery for Dell Inspiron 1501

Last week , I purchased a TD347 battery from for my Dell Inspiron 1501 to replace the original six-cell battery. The original Dell battery was horrible -- only lasted about an hour when fully charged, and was completely worthless within one year of use.

Dell TD347 battery

Dell 11.10V 6600mAh TD347, 312-0428 Laptop Battery

This nine-cell Dell laptop battery is great! It fits the computer perfectly. Fully charged, it provided over three hours of unplugged use. I have been using it now for over a year, and it still provides at leat two and one half hours of power. Some have complained about the batter meter on the bottom of the laptop battery not working. This is true. However, for the price, who cares. If I wand to know the TD347 battery status, I will check the battery meter on the computer desktop. Great product! Great price!

I did what you did---checked all reviews hoping for one review on a replacement TD347 battery to stand out. This one works well in my Dell 1501 laptop. THe laptop is about 4 years old and I didn't want to spend big $ on a battery. This arrived quickly, and I charged it according the brief directions which include charging and letting it run out and recharging.

We get at least 2 hours of use. Usually more. I have not tried it with a DVD or any accessories plugged in to the laptop.
I think it works as well as any replacement battery, name brand or not.

Fro more info:

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